Client list and work carried out

Client list and work carried out


  • Gym
  • Industrial kitchen renovation
  • Social events hall
  • Internal roads




  • Washrooms in workshops
  • Durability testing shop
  • Expansion of Foreman offices
  • Pedestrian passages
  • Foundations for Schuler presses
  • Flooring of Gas storage area
  • Renovation of Diodes  area
  • Laying of asphalt
  • Electrical and Hydraulic maintenance



  • Installation of Reverse Osmosis systems
  • Cooling Towers
  • Layout changes of presses
  • Non Chrome Lab infrastructure
  • Illumination of the Techno center
  • Capacitor benches installation
  • Expansion of office areas
  • Electrical installations in workshops
  • Installation of Compressed air piping
  • Contipress pump installation
  • Metrology room
  • Wastewater treatment tanks


Fibra Dupont

  •  Preventive maintenance of transformers , circuit breakers and cubicles



  • Foundations for tanks


GE Dako

  • Gardening
  • Warehouse for steel storage
  • Expansion of dispatch area
  • Electrical and communications installations
  • Renovation of the kitchen
  • Weighing machine for trucks



  • Multisport hall
  • Construction of the restaurant



  • Needle factory
  • Main gates
  • Sanitary installations for 400 employees
  • Asphalt laying
  • Warehouse for steel
  • Club canteen
  • Industrial flooring 30000 sq.m
  • Renovation of old buildings in the farm area



  • Renovation of facade
  • Renovation of Area 4
  • Project, coordination and installation for vehicle washing area
  • Parking lots with asphalting for vehicles
  • Pilot plant
  • Control room for Sauer presses
  • Construction and flooring of internal warehouses
  • Substitution of medium tension cubicles
  • Structural reforms
  • Lab for paints
  • Maintenance of lamp posts
  • Installation for Bundlers
  • Cabins for Roller testers, metrology and Batteries



Hospital Beneficência Portuguesa

  • Renovation of the reception area, and various hospital rooms


Hospital Albert Sabin

  • Change of Transformers at hospital entrance


Hospital Centro Médico Campinas

  •  Electrical, civil and Hydraulic maintenance
  • Construction of the ICU and Operation theatre


Commercial Constructions


  • Dashen shops


Residential Constructions

Principal Residential Constructions

  • Itapuri, Itaiti and Itaete Buildings
  • Residences in Jurere- Florianopolis


Public Works


  • Houses in Sitio Cercado IV